Established in 1986.

Reusser Bergstrom is a hands-on boutique style firm, whose services range from color consultation, interior design, and furniture design  –  to remodeling, design of new residences from ground-up,  historic restoration and renovation, and planning “Pattern Books”.

From their location in Southern California, where the majority of their work takes place, they have worked on projects in such locales as; Portland Oregon; the San Francisco Bay Area; Tucson; Charlotte, North Carolina; Boston and Nantucket; Chicago, and Tokyo.


Interior design services include sourcing, selection and specification of colors, fabrics, finishes, lighting, furnishings and accessories,  –  as well as purchasing, management, and coordination, of all aspects of the design process through installation and client move-in.

Building design services include; planning, as-built measurements/documentation, schematics, design development, and full construction drawings, as well as coordination with all necessary consultants and city agencies, bid requests and clarification, on-site construction observation, and hands on coordination with contractor and trades during construction and fabrication.


The firms structure and billing approach easily allows for  seamless transition, integration, and interaction, between interior design and building design services, giving the client a wide range of flexibility as to which services they would like performed, and allowing the project to be tailored to the specific need(s) of the client and scope of the project, while assuring a clear understanding of the various aspects of a project – thus resulting in careful, well detailed, and well executed results.